Samantha Marsh​​​​
Called to the Bar in 2007

A highly experienced criminal lawyer and trial advocate who has over a decade of experience defending in the Crown Court including attempted murder, violence ,sexual, drugs and dishonesty offences.


  • Crime

Samantha was called to the bar in 2007 before achieving her higher rights in 2011 and defending in house for 12 years. Samantha transferred back to Bar and joined chambers in 2024. Samantha achieved an acquittal in her first trial in chambers.


She has now a huge amount of experience of dealing with a wide variety of cases. What really impresses me is her calmness in dealing with clients and the whole court process she seems completely unfazed by anything and has a steeliness and a bravery underneath that serene exterior. She is very good with clients very kind but professional. She has achieved many great results both in terms of sentence and trials. She maintains an enthusiasm and dedication for the job that is truly commendable.


She is an experienced trial advocate who has defended a wide range of offences including multi-handed cases, attempted murder, serious drugs, violence and dishonesty with a proven track record. She was also the lead solicitor in a high profile murder trial.

She is now also a newly appointed Grade 3 prosecutor. She previously worked as a civilian investigator for the police.

Samantha is experienced in dealing with vulnerable and young defendants as well as those with mental health difficulties. Samantha prides herself on going the extra mile and detailed case preparation.


R v Maughan, Huntingdon Crown Court , March 2024
Samantha represented Mr. Maughan in his trial where he was unanimously acquitted by the jury in relation to an allegation of threatening another with a blade and assault.

R v Williams and others , Cambridge Crown Court. November 2023
Samantha represented Mr. Williams in a multi handed 3 week attempt murder trial at Cambridge Crown Court.

R v Ditcham , Peterborough Crown Court .August 2023
This was a s.28 trial concerning a sexual assault on a vulnerable adult with a mental age of 5 years old.

R v Pycroft and others , Peterborough Crown Court . January 2023
Samantha represented Mr. Pycroft who was initially charged with murder and negotiated a deal with the prosecution in that he gave KC evidence against his co-defendant. He pleaded to conspiracy to commit robbery and received a sentence of only 5 years.

R v Watson. Central Criminal Court. January 2022.
Samantha was lead solicitor in this 4 month lengthy complex child murder trial acting more in the role of Junior and dealing with the client and all expert and defence witnesses as well as being involved in case preparation

R -v- Kenny and others, Central Criminal Court. June 2016.
Samantha was appointed junior in this murder trial led by Sarah Elliott QC at the Central Criminal Court. This was a complex case where DNA, cell-site, and ANPR evidence was relied upon by the prosecution. A plea bargain was finally negotiated on the third day of trial and the client pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

R -v- Dobson, Huntingdon Crown Court. April 2016.
Samantha represented Mr. Dobson in his sexual assault trial where he was unanimously acquitted by the jury.

R -v- Wigmore, Huntingdon Crown Court. March 2016.
Samantha represented Mr. Wigmore in his sentencing hearing in relation to sexual activity with a child and then in the Court of appeal when the prosecution appealed the sentence stating it was unduly lenient.

R - v- Arnold and others, Peterborough Crown Court. March 2016 .
This was a complex multi handed drugs conspiracy where there was detailed and complex telephone and observation evidence between the three defendants. Samantha defended Mr. Arnold in his first trial in 2015 where one of the defendants turned QC resulting in the jury being discharged after 5 days and in the second trial of two weeks in duration before Peterborough Crown Court.

R - v- Mulcahy, Central Criminal Court. May 2015.
Mr Mulcahy was indicted for murder. Samantha conducted all court hearings and dealt with all preliminary matters prior to the trial. She took instructions from the client in several conferences at the prison and attended trial to assist Miranda Moore QC by taking detailed notes and dealing with any matters that arose in the course of proceedings. Mr Mulcahy was acquitted of murder after a three week trial.

R -v- Thurling, Peterborough Crown Court 2015
Samantha successfully defended Mr Thurling in his trial at Peterborough Crown Court in relation to a charge of arson with intent to endanger life where he was acquitted by the jury.

R -v- Lindsell and others, 2012, Court of Appeal.
Samantha represented Mr. Lindsell at Peterborough Crown Court in his sentencing hearing and then successfully appealed his sentence to the Court of Appeal. This was deemed to be manifestly excessive and reduced accordingly.



BVC at Nottingham Law School

BSc (Hons) Law and Psychology Sheffield Hallam University


Honourable Society of The Middle temple