Becoming a pupil

We are committed to providing diverse and well-rounded training to pupils. The first six months of pupillage is divided into three 2-month periods spent with different pupil supervisors across civil, family and criminal specialisms. In the second six months, pupils will be on their feet and can expect to be in court several times each week. In addition, pupils are expected to carry out written work for other members of chambers and attend court with them. We expect our pupils to work hard during their year, but to have time to enjoy other pursuits too.

A pupil’s performance is assessed throughout the year by way of regular advocacy assessments and written exercises. Feedback is sought by the pupillage committee from all members of chambers and the clerks in advance of any decision on tenancy at the conclusion of pupillage. We are committed to recruiting new tenants from our pupils whenever possible and offer pupillage with this objective in mind.

We are currently recruiting for one common law pupil to start in September 2023 and two common law pupils to start in September 2024.

Applications for pupillage will be conducted via the Pupillage Portal with applications being processed in line with that timetable (which can be found here).

Interviews will be conducted, save for in exceptional circumstances, in person at Chambers in Cambridge in Spring 2023.

For more information on the application process and pupillage in general please see our recruitment policy here.

Further information

If you would like any more information about any aspect of pupillage, please feel free to contact the Pupillage Committee at

For information on mini-pupillages please see the mini-pupillage tab under Join Us.