Family Law Training Day

Thank you for attending the Fenners’ and LFJB Family Law Training Day.

We would like to say a special thank you to our Speakers for their contribution on the day:

Sally Gore, Benjamin Phillips, Ian Newport, Eve Chowdhury, Louise Ballantyne and Melanie Benn of Fenners Chambers | Camilla Baldwin, Miriam Gitlin, and Xanthe Martin-Zakheim from the Charity, Not Beyond Redemption | Alison Hunt and Patrick Freer of Regency Chambers | Amanda Carter and Despina Kaoura from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Councils | Dr Leanne Horrocks | HHJ Gordon-Saker DFJ | HHJ Spinks

Please find links to the Presentations, as well as the Video Coverage of the event, below:

Domestic Abuse Update 2023 – Ian Newport (and accompanying Flowchart PDF)

Private Law Children Update – Louise Ballantyne

Private Law Pilot Scheme Investigative Approach – Eve Chowdhury

Public Law Update – Alison Hunt and Patrick Freer

Re-connecting with the public law outline – Judicial Office

Family Law Advice to Mothers In Prison – Not Beyond Redemption

Therapeutic Needs – Dr Leanne Horrocks

Financial Remedy Matters – HHJ Gordon-Saker DFJ

DOLS Update – Melanie Benn