Fenners Chambers | 3 Madingley Road | Cambridge | Cambridgeshire CB3 0EE | United Kingdom

Fenners Chambers | 3 Madingley Road | Cambridge | Cambridgeshire CB3 0EE | United Kingdom.

Fenners Chambers | 3 Madingley Road | Cambridge | Cambridgeshire CB3 0EE | United Kingdom.

Diane Mundill
Called to the Bar in 2007

Specialising in criminal law, Diane joined Fenners in the summer of 2017.

Through working as a Solicitor and Solicitor Advocate in firms in Manchester and Peterborough she has practiced across the country.


  • Crime

Diane works in all areas of criminal practice. She is regularly instructed by the CPS, other prosecuting authorities and solicitors representing defendant in criminal matters and proceedings associated with them. Additionally she is direct access qualified.



  • Offences of dishonesty: Theft, burglary, fraud and blackmail, whether relating to low value or multi-million pound allegations.
  • Drug offences: All range of matters from production for personal use to multi-handed conspiracies linking participants across the country. Including the representing of the vulnerable who have become involved through pressure or as a consequence of their own additions.
  • Violent offences: Inflicting and causing grievous or actual bodily harm both with and without intent, kidnap, false imprisonment and robbery matters.
  • Sexual offences: Rape, all types of sexual assault, indecent images and breaches of subsequent protection orders.
  • Proceeds of Crime proceedings: Applications for restraint orders and confiscation orders. Significant experience in making submissions to reduce either the benefit or available amount.
  • Prison Law and Parole hearings: Attending for adjudications and parole hearings for those serving IPP sentences.


Diane is known for her approachable and practical manner. She is able to put clients at ease and has a particular ability to communicate successfully with vulnerable people. She has a proven record of achieving the result desired.

Diane is qualified to accept instructions from members of the public by direct access.

She is regularly instructed by both the CPS and solicitors representing defendants in criminal matters throughout the East of England and the Midlands.


R v G (2017) – Defendant (18yo) received a suspended sentence for drug offences which allowed him to take up education.

R v F (2017) – Defendant (19yo) acquitted of drug dealing offences.

R v F (2017) – On appeal, significant reduction in sentence achieved for burglary offences.

R v B (2017) – Following submissions, matter discontinued against a defendant in multi-handed public order offence.

R v H (2017) – Defendant (18yo) acquitted of rape of ex-partner.

R v J (2016) – Youth defendant convicted after trial of various sex offences, against multiple complainants.

R v G (2015) – Defendant acquitted of various offences of domestic violence. R v I (2015) – Defendant acquitted of multiple rape of wife.

R v R (2014) – Defendant acquitted of stabbing partner, offence followed years of domestic violence on the defendant by the complainant.

R v A (2013) – Defendant acquitted of £750,000 fraud against the Royal Bank of Scotland.




Grade 2 Prosecutor

LLB Hons: Nottingham Trent University

BVC: Inns of Court School of Law, City University



Criminal Bar Association South Eastern Circuit